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This is just another advantage of having knowledgeable personelle who take pride in servicing our customers.  We offer preventative maintenance schedules to ensure your equipment is receiving the proper care it requires.  We will set you up with a maintenance schedule that we will keep track of for you.  When your equipment is due to be serviced we would arrange with you,  the customer, the removal of the equipment requiring service, and will arrange to get it into the shop for service.   We document all of our findings and provide you with a maintenance report after each session.

                A.C. MOTORS



AC induction motors are one of the most common types of motors used in a variety of applications due to the fact that they run off of AC voltage which is readily available at every outlet. They also run quietly and have a long life, provided they are maintained properly. 

Call us today to set up your maintenance schedule as required. 


        D.C. MOTORS


D.C. motors (direct current) comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and regular maintance and upkeep is very important to the life of these motors.   We can not only set you up with a maintenance schedule, but we also can stock replacement brushes & bearings for your motor to decrease the down time.





There are so many different pumps out there today, different sizes, different models, different applications.  Each application would require its unique maintenance schedule.   Our service team can determine what would be required due to the factors of each application.  We can also stock replacement parts for each pump that is a part of the maintenance program.


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