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All repairs begin with thorough documentation, testing, and inspection, including incoming photos.  Our extensive inventory of replacement parts allows us to get your equipment back online as quickly as possible. We offer a wide range of services, from basic overhaul to complete rewind and redesign of your existing equipment. All repairs are performed with strict adherance to ANSI/EASA  AR-100 Recommended Practice for the Repair of rotating Electrical Apparatus, and EASA/ AEMT Good Practice Guide to Maintain Motor Efficiency.  Our in-house machining and dynamic balancing compliment our repair processes to offer our customers a superior repair at competitive prices. Root Cause Failure Analysis reports are also available to further assist in understanding why the failure occured, and to help prevent future repetitive failures of your equipment.



DC motor repair is a specialized segment of our repair industry. Knowing the proper tests to perform will assist with getting your equipment back online in a timely manner, done correctly, the first time. Individual component analysis and verification is essential to a quality DC motor repair. Our technicians attend ongoing training to ensure they adhere to the most reliable and efficient repair practices to assist with your continued equipment operation.



Drowning in pump problems? We provide repair services for a wide variety of pumps, from large industrial submersibles to the pool pumps in your backyard.  We service all makes and models, and perform authorized factory repairs for numerous pump manufacturers, including Armstrong, KSB, and Grundfos.  We carry an extensive inventory of pump parts to ensure a timely repair and less down time for our customers.



Being able to provide our customers with a variety of services has always been a large focus of our business.  Our welder technicians have the knowledge and factory trained experience on all types of welders.  We provide complete testing and diagnostics of these units and also provide yearly calabration where required, with NIST traceable documentation. We are the factory authorized repair depot for numerous manufacturers, including Miller(Hobart), Lincoln, Victor Technologies (Esab, Thermadyne) and Hypertherm.



Dynamic balancing can be done in house or on site depending on the application. Our Balance Technicians are fully trained to assist in returning your equipment to as new condition. Our industry leading equipment provides detailed documentation of before and after balance results, helping to ensure the finished product is within or exceeds accepted tolerances.



Laser alignment can be performed either on-site or in-house, depending on the application. An often overlooked segment of total equipment repair, laser alignment is the final confirming process to continued reliable operation of your overhauled equipment. A recently overhauled motor or pump could experience rapid premature failure if final installation is not verified with laser alignment.



Vibration Analysis is another tool we use to give you an inside snapshot of the wellness of your rotating equipment. Rotating equipment exhibits frequencies that can help identify anomalies tied to potential failures, allowing for planned downtime as opposed to catastrophic failures. Identifying problems in the early stages can allow for cost effective planned repairs, allowing for continued reliable operation of your plant equipment.

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