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 Sales Department



Our sales department can offer our customers complete replacement in all aspects.  


Electrical : AC & DC motor repair, variable frequency drives, motor starters, motor controls, soft starts, DC controllers, Eddy current controls, and process controls. 


Mechanical : Gear motors, speed reducers, power transmission, pump repairs, dynamic balancing, vibration analysis, regen blowers, vacuum units, hoist repairs, and welder repairs and calabration.


Please contact our sales department for inquires.


The expected lifespan of a well-maintained VFD is between 10 and 20 years, with some installations lasting well over 25 years. However, like any piece of electronic equipment, there comes a time you need to consider your NEXT STEP. With the industry growing technological advancement, Danfoss and most manufacturers have created a new line of advanced product. In doing so, the support platform and parts availability for the predecessor (VLT-6000, ABB-ACH550, AC Tech, etc.) is rarely available or obsolete. Therefore, Morrish has taken the NEXT STEP and partnered with Danfoss to create a replacement program that will help our customers to transition to the NEXT STEP in Industry advancement.


How does it work?


One of our team members will schedule a site assessment and do a free detailed analysis report of all the VFDs onsite. We will be working hand in hand with you and your team members to formulate a strategic replacement plan tailored to your building needs and budget. For any qualifying VFD of any manufacturer, Morrish will offer a refund to the customer as well as responsibly recycle the equipment at no additional cost.


The refund issued is based on the schedule below:

  VFD SIZE                                    NEXT STEP refund

1.5 to 20 HP                                        9%

25 to 75 HP                                        12%

100 to 150 HP                                    14%



                                                                                                                      d i s c o v e r  y o u r  NEXT STEP ...


Robert Mowat :

Cell # 519-796-9513


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